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Israel and Symbolic Concessions

June 5, 2010

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems like an ever-growing pile of complications. It is possible to take a step back from this very real, very inconvenient complexity, however, and ask one simple question: What should be the overriding priority of each body of leaders involved?

The answer I’m looking for is “peace.” And, ethically and strategically, “peace” should remain the answer for any individual governing body even when the other parties to the conflict seem to have other goals. Unfortunately, in practice, that’s not how most political leaders’ minds work.

Last week, the Israeli military captured a flotilla of ships bound for the Gaza strip, resulting in violence. There has been backlash from some in the international community, thinly-veiled exasperation from US leaders, and defiance from Israeli authorities. As usual. It doesn’t matter whether the violence was the consequence of an overzealous Israeli military or overzealous protesters or both: this is what always happens. (more…)