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Michigan’s 2012 Ballot Proposals: Collective Bargaining is a Right, not a Privilege

October 22, 2012

Michigan has six ballot proposals this year, which seems like a lot, especially since many voters will be forming opinions on the fly next month. Partially to help organize my own thoughts before I submit my ballot, I am going to explain my positions on each of the six proposals here. (more…)


Scott’s Potshot

February 17, 2010

It’s story time!

Paul Scott was a spunky young conservative politician trying to realize his grand ambitions in the Grand Old Party of Michigan. He wanted so very badly to be Secretary of State, but he knew that he needed to be nominated before he could ride the party ticket to victory. Poor Scotty! Despite his good looks and his clean manners, he wasn’t receiving any media attention — probably because of that gosh darned liberal stranglehold on all forms of mass communication. What was a busy dude like Scott supposed to do to quickly earn his face a spot in the papers? (more…)